Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Eight-tenths of one percent

2004 Attorney General Election Returns

Hiram Lewis


49.6% 353,545

359,491 50.4%

Eight tenths of one percent . . . That’s how close we came to winning the Attorney General’s race in 2004 -- the closest Attorney General race in West Virginia history.

Only two (2) votes per precinct prevented us from changing West Virginia’s legal climate for the better.

In 2008, we are ready to win! The stakes could not be higher . . .

Forbes Magazine just ranked West Virginia 50th in business climate and 50th in legal climate . . . That’s right, DEAD LAST!!

DEAD LAST in business climate. . . and

DEAD LAST in legal climate!!


Darrell McGraw and his liberal cronies have made West Virginia’s legal system a mockery of justice. McGraw is cited as the reason West Virginia is considered “the worse judicial hellhole in the country.” Darrell McGraw is ranked the 6th worst Attorney General in the recent history of the United States.

His “sue-first” mentality and the targeting of “deep pockets” to fill his political campaign coffers in the name of consumer education has created a business climate consistently ranked dead last in the nation.

West Virginia is consistently ranked near last in every good category, and near first in every bad category. The good news is that I believe we can do better.

Friends and family came to me and asked me to step up and take on Darrell McGraw again in 2008. It is their support which has brought me to this point. Now I am asking the people of West Virginia for their support, as well.

I believe that McGraw is leading the Attorney General’s office down a dangerous road. One that is seriously undermining the economy and legal system in our state. With your help, we can replace McGraw and put the AG’s office back on the right track.

Most people I talk to say they are tired of seeing our children and grandchildren leave the state to make a living and are fed up with seeing our jobs disappear. They are sick of seeing the Attorney General waste millions of our tax dollars to advance his own personal political agenda.

Last time, I took a message of positive change to the voters, and I came within less than one percent of winning the office of Attorney General despite being substantially outspent. Unfortunately, in 2004, the incumbent was able to use his taxpayer funded campaign to narrowly stay in office.

Today we have a new hope that, together, we can take back the office of Attorney General for the people of West Virginia.

I have spent my life fighting for what I believe in; fighting to make our state better, both as a Captain in the West Virginia Army National Guard and as a leader in West Virginia.

Now, I am asking you to join with me in an effort to bring real, honest change to the Attorney General’s office.

We have already started. We have created a website (www.SAVEWV.com), hired a media firm (The Strategy Group for Media, Inc), and developed a 10-Point Plan!!

If elected, I will:

§ Stop Lawsuit Abuse

§ End “shake-down” tactics of current AG

§ Terminate contingent fee arrangements with trial lawyers

§ Open hiring practices to public scrutiny

§ End the practice of appointing special attorneys general

§ Submit all contracts to an open bidding process

§ Submit entire AG budget to the Legislature

§ Focus consumer protection division on protecting consumers

§ Focus on prosecuting criminals

§ Eliminate wasteful spending of the office

All we need now, is your support. . . and my hard work.

I want West Virginia to prosper. I want my son to be able to stay and work in this great state when he finishes school.

Together, we can put West Virginia back on the road to prosperity. I am asking you to join with me on this long road ahead. Please, visit my website and consider sending me a note or making a contribution.

We can do better. We must do better. And, with your help, we will do better!!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Welcome to my Campaign Blog!

Hello, everyone!

I recently filed as a precandidate with the West Virginia Secretary of State. I am forming an exploratory committee to start testing the waters over the next critical weeks.

We often hear about issues like "lawsuit abuse" or "misuse of power" and how they are bad for all of us...
...and each of us deals with the real impacts these issues everytime we see another family member leave the state, another job move on or higher prices in our stores.

I strongly believe that a change in direction in the state Attorney General's office will go a long way towards putting West Virginia on the right track for economic growth and stability in our legal climate.

I also strongly believe that I am capable of winning in November 2008, and leading the reform of the Attorney General's office.

I look forward to sharing with you in this blog, as well as through my website at http://LewisForAG.com and through the radio and TV over the coming months.